save the date dilemna… solved!

Many thanks to all of you who posted suggestions for my save the date dilemna earlier this month. I ended up taking Tameka’s suggestion and signing up for emails from And not a week later did I receive an email from them boasting a January special of, among other goodies, 100 free postcards! I am not one to pass up something free.

So I busted out my rusty Photoshop skills from my college design classes, and threw together this not-entirely-fancy little number:


Then, I typed up some basic information on the back of the postcard, paid for shipping and uploading the photo (so, not ENTIRELY free) and my $20.00 save the dates should be here in 14 days! Not professional, perhaps, but pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to see them!

Then I went to the post office site to see what kind of postcard stamps they have, and to my dismay, the only ones they appear to be selling at the present moment are a conglomeration of summer fruits… which clearly is not acceptable for an October wedding. I briefly considered just purchasing more expensive stamps with a better image, but then figured, if I’m going to pay the extra money, I may as well just make my own durn stamps!

So, courtesy of, I present to you, The Kitteh Postcard Stamp:

This way, all of our friends and relations can feel the love of the kitteh in their very own homes.


puppy(cam) love

In case you’ve missed the latest viral video craze on the interwebs, you must check out the Shiba Inu puppy cam. Go ahead, it’s okay. I’ll wait.

The cuteness is unparalleled. Although I’ve always been a hound kind of girl (I’ve wanted a beagle for ages) I think these darlings have propelled Shiba Inus up my list. Even as grown up dogs, they’re completely adorable.

Adult Shiba Inu

Sadly I think any dog is a bit down the road for us. Not to mention my darling feline Rodrigo would probably throw a fit if we were to pay attention to any animal besides his majesty.

the kitteh giving us the look