About DCKate

I’m sure you’re wondering who the random lady with the blog is. While I’d like to be able to get to know all of you oh-so-well, I’m also trying to maintain some degree of anonymity. That being said, if you have any specific questions or comments that you’d like more direct answers to, feel free to email me, I promise not to lie about my identity and we can gab on gchat… or something.

Name: So, not totally anon… Kate, obviously.
Location: Northern Virginia, in the suburbs of the capital of our great nation.
Status: Engaged (herein the boy is referred to as J)

Likes: the boy, the kitteh, my family, writing, current events, politics, reading, learning to cook, reading wedding blogs, NPR, country, classic rock, wine, Obama, sleeping, reading memoirs, US history, Jon Stewart, common sense, thinking critically, being rational, going for walks, the beach, babies, the smell of snow, the smell of spring, green, brown, peanut butter and chocolate, goat cheese in salads, french fries, pasta, berries, metro manners, good books, finding the perfect gift

Dislikes: intolerance, hypocrisy, willful ignorance, inequality, injustice, suffering children, cruelty to animals, clowns, jellyfish, raw chicken, people who don’t use their turn signal, people who don’t walk on the left, brussels sprouts, pears, licorice, alarm clocks, smoking

Other questions? Drop me a line!
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