weekend of productivity, III

Now where did I leave off… ah yes. Spending lots of money at the Paper Source. After that we headed to my favorite Old Town eatery for some Saturday brunch. I had the Scottish eggs, E had the fritatta, and A had the crabcake sandwich. All highly recommended. </shameless plug>

Then the ladies and I went our separate ways. My afternoon was equally productive, though not in entirely wedding-related ways, unless you count a massive grocery shopping trip wedding related. Which, tangentially, it is, since is provided sustenence for J and me. And without us, well, no wedding.

Sunday I attacked my wedding storage office with a vengance. You are thankful that I am not providing a before picture because it. was. horrendous. In addition to the fact that I have literally been arbitrarily tossing all wedding-related purchases and deliveries in to the room with neither rhyme nor reason, it was also full of “storage” from when I moved in. Yes, I know that was December. Deal. You know all those enormous tupperware containers you have of old high school papers and swim meet ribbons from 1993? Yeah, that’s what was in there.  So. I took my ham-and-cheese omlette fed self (thanks babe!) and a large garbage can and went to work.

In the end, I have several empty drawers, one empty tupperware container thingy, a wedding CORNER, and took out three large garbage cans of remnants from the 1980s. And 1990s. And early 2000s. Faretheewell, childhood.

Clean office!

The Wedding Corner

In return, I have a functional working space. And after October 23rd, when The Wedding Corner is cleared out, it might even look uncluttered a little less cluttered!

Yes, I am writing this from the couch in the den. Why do you ask?

weekend of productivity, II

After our completely successful bridemaids dress retrieval, we drove down the street to Paper Source, in Old Town, to find something to line the invitation envelopes with. My understanding from the DIY bride blogs I read is that this is a fairly simple DIY undertaking. Since I am crafting impaired, I figure it is something I can do that will be a nice touch. My mother thinks I’m crazy, but. She is the one who jumped up and down about putting the “u” in honor on the invitation. At least I know what country we’re in.

BM K is quite popular and had other appointments Saturday afternoon, so she took her leave of us, and BMs A and E joined me on our craft materials expedition. Now. You are putting three 20-something ladies each with various levels of design background in a high end paper and stationery store. I do not need to tell you that this was neither a brief nor inexpensive excursion. Hooooowever we did end up with some BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL paper with which to line the envelopes. It’s a green and gold metallic brocade pattern, not unlike this one from the Paper Source website. It may even be the exact same pattern, but in person it’s a little more muted. Also we bought big sheets of it. Heck if I’m shelling out for precut envelope liners. That’s what exacto knives are for!


image source

While we were there, I also took the opportunity to select some ribbon for the place cards that we’re making. The purpose of the ribbon will become clear to you at a later date (presuming you care) but for now, you may gaze upon the lovely colors I picked.

842612005628zchocolate ribbonmoss ribbon

images source

Also, because I am not completely insane, I snagged an envelope liner template kit.

Sure, I probably could have sized them myself but… you cannot put a price on sanity, my friends. More of the weekend of productivity, coming soon.

95 days!

oh yeah … and we passed the 100 day mark sometime last week! it’s alllll downhill from here, kids.

weekend of productivity

…until about 9:00 Sunday night, when it came to a grinding halt. but, we’ll start with the beginning!

On Friday night BM E came over and we went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. O. M. G. Love me some Harry Potter. Everything about the books (and movies) is just so transportive and whimsical. It’s such a complete break from reality for a few hours into this believable, wonderful magical world. Yes, I agree that there were aspects of the book that should definitely have been more at the forefront of the movie… and some of the snogging could have been on the cutting room floor. But overall I was enchanted. It probably helps that I haven’t read the book since it was released in… 2005? So my memory on the details is not so keen. And I still believe that Alan Rickman as Snape is one of the most brilliant casting choices in modern cinematic history, up there with DDL as Daniel Plainview (I! DRINK! YOUR! MILKSHAAAKE!)

Anyway. On with my weekend. On Saturday morning we met two of the other BMs, K and A, at the bridal salon to pick up the bridesmaids dresses! Yes, they are in! And the not-so-helpful folks at the salon didn’t bother letting us know until I called to inquire about their whereabouts. But, neither here nor there. We have the dresses! Unfortunately, my sister/MOH was unable to make the trip up, so I picked up her dress. Therefore, we sadly do no have a photograph of her in her dress. But not to fear – she will be in town NEXT weekend for my FIRST SHOWER! And I will force her to do a fashion show at that time.

The dresses are absolutely gorgeous – the color is exactly what I wanted, and all of the ladies look fabulous in it and love their dress choices. A few minor alterations are needed for each, but thankfully nothing drastic. (BMs K and A need to have their dresses cut from floor length to tea length) Without futher ado, I present… the lovely bridesmaids:

BM K, lucky enough to have me take both front and rear photos, because she has an oh-so-lovely bow on the back of her dress!

BM E, it’s unfortunate you can’t see her face because she was SO happy about her dress. (She’s actually going to be wearing it again, for another wedding!)

And lastly, completing my trio of v-necked bridesmaids, BM A

I think this post has gotten long enough… you’ll just have to wait for the next one to find out what ELSE I did on my oh-so productive weekend… and the bummer ending!

the list

You know which one I’m talking about, brides. The dreaded list. No, not the guest list (though I’ve had my share of nightmares about that, too). I’m talking about the TO DO LIST. The one that mysteriously multiplies over night, and adds two items for each one you cross off.

When I first started planning, everything I had to do was BIG. Set a date. Find a venue. Buy a dress. The generic version of The List on The Knot served me quite well for these tasks. And since I’m a “big picture” type of girl, it was easy for me to remember them. Need cake. Need flowers.

But now. Well, we’re in the weeds, kids. And I am NOT a details type of girl. Florist? Check. What types of greenery specifically should we put in the centerpieces? Ummm. (Answer: I don’t care, as long as it’s green.) My feeling is, as long as we have an officiant, a marriage license, a bride, a groom, and our families… everything else can just fall into place of its own accord.

So, I would like to share with you, my fellow detail-deficient and type A brides alike, my little secret for not losing my mind. J showed me this a few years ago when I was in grad school, at the end of a semester when I was up to my eyes in work, and it is a life saver. Or a sanity saver at least.


This website allows you to categorize and make lists of things you need to do, people to call, shopping lists, errands, you name it. And the best thing is, you can share lists with other users! So, I have a list of wedding things that I personally need to take care of, but I also have one that J needs to be involved with. So we can both update (and add to… sigh) that list. You can even sign up for an RSS feed to let you know when a list has been updated. You can make lists to share with your bridesmaids, or your parents, anyone involved in helping you with the wedding. And I don’t need to mention how many other situations this is brilliant for. Besides school and wedding, I’ve made shopping lists, moving lists, gift lists (it’s fantastic at the holidays).

What lists do you need to make?

hi, my name is kate

…and I’m an Etsy addict. It’s gotten to the point where J doesn’t even ask me what’s in the boxes that get delivered anymore, he just leaves them on my desk. Most of the stuff I order is small, so our mailbox often has a bulky envelope or little wrapped box in it. The problem with Etsy is that it caters to all of my shopping weaknesses – crafts, accessories, supporting independent businesses and artists (particularly women), easy online ordering, and customization. Combined with the fact that I’m in the midst of planning a wedding, and thus have a need for lots of cute small crafty things… it’s just a big recipe for trouble.

Take for instance, my wedding day earrings. No, I can’t show them to you, because I don’t know which of the FOUR PAIRS I’ve purchased off of Etsy I’m actually going to wear.

But I CAN show you all four. 🙂


This pair is the original set that I bought when I bought my necklace. They are beautiful and simple, and I got them because I wanted something that would let the necklace stand out. Unfortunately when I tried them on with everything… you didn’t even notice them.

Photobucket Photobucket

These two pairs are vintage clip-on earrings. I love them because my earring holes are really really sensitive, and wearing one of these would eliminate the chance that I’d infect them. I haven’t tried them on with the dress and my hair up yet, though, so I’m not sure if they’ll be too heavy around my face.


This is a handmade pair with vintage elements (on the bottom). They look really nice with the vintage element on my necklace. The rhinestones on one of the elements are a little askew, but I actually think that gives them some interest. (And, by extention, would give ME some interest!)

Which pair do you think I should wear? Or should I go back to Etsy for some further earring shopping? Have you been indecisive about any wedding day accouterments?

under the 200 day mark!

Well, okay, we’re several days past the 200 day mark. (On my wedding countdown. Obviously.) To be specific, we’re at 193 days and counting! That, of course, does not excuse me from being a lame, lame blogger. I don’t even really have an excuse. Planning is in a bit of a lull, not much is going on at work, and since we’re broke (see wedding & unemployed fiance) we pretty much sit around and watch movies and play with the cat in the evenings. But. I. Love. My. Life. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have a secure job that I enjoy, a great home, a fantastic fiance who I am madly in love with, and the funniest cat in the world. What else do I need? A glass of wine, maybe. 🙂

I DO have some wedding planning updates, I’m not just going to gush all over the place. I have all of my bridesmaids gifts purchased! Unfortunately, some of them check in on here every now and again, so I can’t post them. But I promise I’ll update you with the details after the wedding. Or if you’re really interested, email me and I’ll tell you.

We have (finally) booked an officiant. This was a little bit more dramatic than necessary, since my parents are already bereft that the wedding is not going to be taking place in a church, they were somewhat vague when it came to what they wanted in an officiant. But, once everyone calmed down we were able to come to a reasonable consensus. We’ll be employing the wedding officiant services of Bill Cochran from Say “I Do” Your Way. I’m really excited to work with Bill. He has a ton of experiences with unhappy religious families 🙂 But no, really he’s been saying weddings for years and has a lot of great ideas and will be a great guide as we plan the ceremony. Additionally he gets great reviews from the ever-helpful ladies on the DC Knot board.

We also just booked a ceremony musician! At our friends Leah and Larry’s wedding a few years ago, they just had a solo classical guitarist play, and we absolutely loved it, so we always knew that’s what we wanted as well. Our DJ, Kirk Rubley of Kirkabee DJs recommended guitarist Giorgia Cavallaro, who he’s worked with a number of times. He sent us some of her music to listen to and we were hooked! Plus she has an awesome Italian name. She plays in a flute/guitar duo as well, called Flutar. If you go to their site, you can hear some of her ah-mah-zing music! I can’t wait to pick ceremony music now!

I have lots more to update you on… but we’ll leave it there for tonight. I promise no more two week gaps of me dropping off the planet, though!