weekend of productivity, III

Now where did I leave off… ah yes. Spending lots of money at the Paper Source. After that we headed to my favorite Old Town eatery for some Saturday brunch. I had the Scottish eggs, E had the fritatta, and A had the crabcake sandwich. All highly recommended. </shameless plug>

Then the ladies and I went our separate ways. My afternoon was equally productive, though not in entirely wedding-related ways, unless you count a massive grocery shopping trip wedding related. Which, tangentially, it is, since is provided sustenence for J and me. And without us, well, no wedding.

Sunday I attacked my wedding storage office with a vengance. You are thankful that I am not providing a before picture because it. was. horrendous. In addition to the fact that I have literally been arbitrarily tossing all wedding-related purchases and deliveries in to the room with neither rhyme nor reason, it was also full of “storage” from when I moved in. Yes, I know that was December. Deal. You know all those enormous tupperware containers you have of old high school papers and swim meet ribbons from 1993? Yeah, that’s what was in there.  So. I took my ham-and-cheese omlette fed self (thanks babe!) and a large garbage can and went to work.

In the end, I have several empty drawers, one empty tupperware container thingy, a wedding CORNER, and took out three large garbage cans of remnants from the 1980s. And 1990s. And early 2000s. Faretheewell, childhood.

Clean office!

The Wedding Corner

In return, I have a functional working space. And after October 23rd, when The Wedding Corner is cleared out, it might even look uncluttered a little less cluttered!

Yes, I am writing this from the couch in the den. Why do you ask?

2 Responses

  1. Paper Source was the best – yet worst – discovery during my own wedding planning. Their descriptions and pictures just scream BUY ME! And I did.

    Oh – and it took an antire YEAR to organize and reclaim the bedroom that became our “wedding room.”

  2. When is the big day? Coming up soon I think!!!

    I would love to hear how everyhing is going at Musket Ridge since we’re venue twins!!!

    Take Care!


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