save the date dilemna

To save the date or not to save the date, that is the question. On the one hand, there are so many cute save the dates out there (I particularly love the photo magnets!), but on the other hand, I’m a bride on a budget! However, we are having a Friday evening wedding, which will require some planning on the part of our guests, so I feel it’s only fair to give them ample warning. Therefore, I’ve come up with three options to split the difference, as it were:

1. Do an Email Save the Date. Pros: Cheap (only cost is time!), fast, can include links and photos, no size limit. Cons: Not everyone has/checks an email address regularly. Could get lost or deleted easily.

2. DIY Save the Date Magnets. Pros: I get my photo magnet save the dates! Trusty BM Erin is a graphic designer. Can include other information on additional cards in the envelope.  Cons: I am severly DIY-impaired (the mere idea of trying to print on sticker paper makes me shudder), it’ll be time intensive, high postage cost.

3. Postcards. Pros: Tangible, low postage cost, trusty BM Erin can design them. Cons: Putting all our info out for everyone to see, limited space for additional information.

At the moment I am leaning towards the postcard option. We can just put our website on the back for people to get more information. Of course, we could also do some combination of these, i.e. email the “young, hip” crowd and get real Save the Dates made for the older family members and parent’s friends, etc.

What do you think?


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  1. Hmm this is a question I have asked myself. Maybe you could make one postcard for own personal archives and those people who might not have email addresses, upload it and email it to everyone else (it’s more eco-friendly too!).

  2. First of all congrats for winning the DIY contest over at 2000 budget bride!! Speaking of contest, I am actually in a contest to win a logo. If you’d like to support, take a quick second and go over to and click on Authentically-U Bride in the top right corner of the page, That’s it! I’d appreciate it!!

    As for my opinion with the Save-the Dates. makes some really good magnets that you can add your design/information to. They have large and small. If you find something that you like, sign up to get their emails first. In a couple of days, they will send you and email to get like 50 free or something like that. Then when you add on the other amount that you want, It will be really cheap. I have used for years and they are very good. Go over and take a look! Even their printing for postcards is cheap. You can upload your own designs.

  3. Lucky you with a BM who is a graphic designer. I’m all for the postcard because you said you have a wedding website. This way the technologically savvy folks get the link and the less confident internet searchers get something tangible with key information. Maybe I’m biased because it’s what I’m doing…

  4. We did just that – sent email Save the Dates (actually a link to it) to everyone with email, and printed a “real” postcard version to mail out to those without it (mostly our grandparents). For a few people who we knew wouldn’t check their email, we just called and told them to make sure to check out our site – they really appreciated hearing it in person and were then excited to see the site. This worked for us because our guest list is relatively small (150).

    Good luck!

  5. I also did my savethedates as postcards from
    I got 500 for only $40!
    on the front with our picture I had “Save the Date”
    and on the back I had
    “Hannah Hamill & Brian Rigby
    May 23, 2009
    Grove, Oklahoma”

    I sent them out and got TONS of compliments on them!
    Stamps for postcards are only .27 per stamp!

  6. I went with save the date postcards that my BM designed and I got printed through I am also having a Friday evening wedding so I thought they were very important! Everyone loved getting them, and we just put our wedding website on it along with the date and a picture of us!

  7. Hi there! It’s tough making so many decision about little (or not so little) things, I totally empathize. I don’t know which option is best, but I can say:
    1) As for you concerns with the postcards and privacy–do a fold over postcard and use a simple circular sticker (or other if you want to get fancy) to seal it. You can buy cardstock (not $$ at Staples or other office stores), cut them up so that you have a narrow sheet about 6 1/2 x 10 inches. Print your info on the inside. Fold over (on 10 inch side), seal, and voila! Still the same postage with all the privacy. If you use this size, you can get about 2 cards per 8 1/2×11 cardstock sheet, or 3 cards of you get the legal size cardstock. I am also thinking of using postcards, but not putting a website or last names, so privacy is not an issue. I am probably using wordle to create it–which is TOTALLY awesome, easy and fun! Check it out. I was going to do a post on Save the Date cards, but am so behind in posting!

    2) If you do email, DO NOT feel bad. Lots of people even have wedding email invitation evites, and ya know what? Guests often prefer it in this paperless society, so don’t feel bad about it.

    Sorry for the long comment, just trying to give specific suggestions…good luck. Whatever you do, make sure you have fun doing it and don’t stress about the decision too much. Whatever you choose will be a pleasure for guests!

  8. OK, I understand the whole budget things. And like you said, Friday requires a little bit of planning. While I never used to think much of the save-the-dates, I have come to appreciate them greatly as a guest. We are doing postcards and on the printed side is 4 candid shots of us arranged in a zig-zag on a black background – kind of like the 4 shots you get from a photo booth, only the pics are a little tilted rather than in a straight line. On the printed side it has save the date, the date and our website plus a “see you there!’ type phrase. save-the-dates don’t really need more than that so don’t worry about the space but do make it personal and fitting with your wedding and you! congrats on the winning of the book! How fun!

  9. You could do save the date postcards or magnets from vistaprint using one of their free offers. Then they would be super cheap. You can upload your BM design for a little bit more. And if you order the large ones you can buy envelopes with them for $5 more and then everyone wouldnt see alll your info.

  10. I would suggest to design a postcard (the information usually featured on a std will easily ft on a postcard), and send it via email to everybody you know checks their email often, and send it in a paper version to the less tech-savvy ones. This way you minimize cost & work & worry.

  11. oh, should have read the other comments first 😀 I agree with the other comments…

  12. Hi! I came over from Sarah’s website! I’m having a very similar dilemna. I think I’m going with postcards because they can be pretty easily done and for cheap – but then I’m going to send out an email to some people too because the postcards won’t go out for a couple more weeks and we are getting close to our date for people who need to travel! Good luck!

  13. I’ve been thinking about this a little bit, too (even though we haven’t even set a date yet!), and I think I may email friends and have my parents/his parents call all non-emailable guests with information ahead of time. Because chances are that if they don’t do email, they’re invited b/c they’re family or family friends (For us anyway!).

    However, if phone is not an option for you, then the postcards seem the best option.

  14. […] date dilemna… solved! By dckate Many thanks to all of you who posted suggestions for my save the date dilemna earlier this month. I ended up taking Tameka’s suggestion and signing up for emails from […]

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