first official wedding purchase!

Okay, don’t laugh at me. It’s true, I don’t have a date, venue, dress, or official color scheme.

But, I bought my wedding shoes. They are perfect. They are exactly what I have been wanting for eons. J is only about two inches taller than me, plus as a general rule I don’t like wearing heels for long periods of time, so I want to wear flats. I have also always thought it would be really adorable to have my “something blue” be my shoes. And then, not a week after the proposal, there they were. I saw them on a Tuesday night, and when I went to buy them on Wednesday morning, they had been discounted from $70… to $40. A sign, no doubt! I purchased them immediately.

So, without further ado, I present… my wedding shoes:



Not to mention, they come in a number of other fabulous shades (that I haven’t entirely ruled out purchasing for myself…) so be sure to check them out. They really are fabulous.