weekend of productivity

…until about 9:00 Sunday night, when it came to a grinding halt. but, we’ll start with the beginning!

On Friday night BM E came over and we went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. O. M. G. Love me some Harry Potter. Everything about the books (and movies) is just so transportive and whimsical. It’s such a complete break from reality for a few hours into this believable, wonderful magical world. Yes, I agree that there were aspects of the book that should definitely have been more at the forefront of the movie… and some of the snogging could have been on the cutting room floor. But overall I was enchanted. It probably helps that I haven’t read the book since it was released in… 2005? So my memory on the details is not so keen. And I still believe that Alan Rickman as Snape is one of the most brilliant casting choices in modern cinematic history, up there with DDL as Daniel Plainview (I! DRINK! YOUR! MILKSHAAAKE!)

Anyway. On with my weekend. On Saturday morning we met two of the other BMs, K and A, at the bridal salon to pick up the bridesmaids dresses! Yes, they are in! And the not-so-helpful folks at the salon didn’t bother letting us know until I called to inquire about their whereabouts. But, neither here nor there. We have the dresses! Unfortunately, my sister/MOH was unable to make the trip up, so I picked up her dress. Therefore, we sadly do no have a photograph of her in her dress. But not to fear – she will be in town NEXT weekend for my FIRST SHOWER! And I will force her to do a fashion show at that time.

The dresses are absolutely gorgeous – the color is exactly what I wanted, and all of the ladies look fabulous in it and love their dress choices. A few minor alterations are needed for each, but thankfully nothing drastic. (BMs K and A need to have their dresses cut from floor length to tea length) Without futher ado, I present… the lovely bridesmaids:

BM K, lucky enough to have me take both front and rear photos, because she has an oh-so-lovely bow on the back of her dress!

BM E, it’s unfortunate you can’t see her face because she was SO happy about her dress. (She’s actually going to be wearing it again, for another wedding!)

And lastly, completing my trio of v-necked bridesmaids, BM A

I think this post has gotten long enough… you’ll just have to wait for the next one to find out what ELSE I did on my oh-so productive weekend… and the bummer ending!

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