dear weddingbee

Dear Weddingbee,

You were one of the first group wedding blogs I found when I started planning, back before I was even engaged right after J proposed. I enjoyed the variety in the weddings, the fact that you could always be trusted to have a new post up for me to read, and the different personalities of the brides/couples that you featured. I even kept reading after the big eHarmony disaster sell-out news. I figured I would give you the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to end it now though. You’ve just become too commercialized, WB. The new features are great, but the number of them is beginning to overwhelm me. And don’t even get me started on the number of bloggers. I’m sure they’re all great folks – they always have been. But I can’t even keep track of who is who anymore, let alone develop any sort of attachment. Every time I open my beloved Google Reader, there are at least 20 new WB posts! I’ve been skipping past the “Pro” and “Classifieds” posts for awhile (if I wanted info on a Pro or to buy something off of the Classifieds, I’d go to that section of the website… no reason to be redundant) but now trying to dig through them all for updates from my favorite Bees or to find good DIY instructions isn’t even worth my time anymore.

WB, I’ve really enjoyed our months together. And there are definitely things about you that I will miss. I’m sure I’ll stop by from time to time just to see how things are going. But you know how wedding planning goes. Time is precious… and I don’t have enough of it to dig through all of your posts any more.

I wish you the best in bringing inspiration to the newly betrothed everywhere.



So You’re EnGAYged – A brand new LGBTQ wedding website!


I’m a huge fan of Kelly of the Two Brides Blog, so when she announced that she was teaming up with Lara Swanson of Lara Swanson Photography to launch an LGBTQ-focused wedding website, I was absolutely thrilled. The official launch of the site So You’re EnGAYged was yesterday, and the site looks absolutely fantastic. It features multiple same-sex wedding bloggers, LGBTQ-friendly vendor profiles, wedding tips for both the engaged couple and the vendors who serve them, and LGBT news.

The vendors DO NOT pay to be featured on the site – they are put through a verification process to ensure that they are actively LGBTQ friendly, and the site only accepts advertisements from vendors who have been vetted.  All I can say is it is high time for a website like this, and Kelly is an absolute hero for envisioning it and making it a reality. Please head over and check out all of her hard work!


Kelly (right) and her wife Natalie on their wedding day!

can i get that to you tomorrow?

Have I mentioned that I am the Procrastination Queen? Because I am. If anyone dares challenge me, we can argue about it next week.

Seriously though, right now, I’m supposed to be working on a take-home midterm and a paper that are both due this week. Am I? No. I am finding new wedding blogs. Every time I think I MUST have found (and added to Google Reader) every wedding blog in existence, I am proven grossly wrong. Wedding blogs are like the loaves and fishes. And the worst part is that they are all incredibly more creative and well-budgeted than me, so I MUST read them lest I fall further behind in my wedding-related knowledge and abilities.

I guess now would be a good time to mention that we’re not engaged yet. Wait wait! I promise I’m not one of those pushy girls who has her entire wedding planned out before she even has a boyfriend. J and I have been talking marriage for quite a while, and he’s gone as far as to ask my Dad’s blessing (not permission. I don’t need my father’s permission to get married, obviously. But, J and my Dad are both traditional like that.) Unfortunately we’re a little tight financially right now, and while I’ve expounded greatly on the fact that I do not require a ring for an engagement, again with the J being traditional thing and wanting to have a ring. My parents have graciously offered to help funding the she-bang, however my mother does not want to start planning until there is an “official” engagement (i.e. a proposal). Thus, we are in something of a waiting game.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t read wedding blogs! My new blog addiction has been greatly assisted by the fact that Google is a genius and created Google Reader, before which I found anything RSS-related frightening. Unfortunately, Google Reader also makes it ridiculously more convenient to procrastinate. So, as soon as I get through everything in my Wedding Blogs folder, I’ll get right back to that take home midterm. Really.