i’m still here, i promise!

I’ve been a neglectful blogger, I know. What with finishing up my schoolwork for the semester and then moving, plus I’m on a new client at work where I don’t have as much free reign on the internet. (the nerve!)

The move went well, pretty uneventful. My Dad and brothers were very helpful loading and unloading the U-Haul on either end. Now the big pile of boxes that was in my apartment is scattered around the house, waiting to be unpacked. Every other place I’ve ever moved into has been empty when I got there, but since J’s stuff is already all settled in here, it’s a little tougher to unpack. There’s lots of moving HIS stuff around to fit in my stuff, and renegotiating where things go. It’s definitely a process. Has anyone else had the experience of moving in with your guy to a place he already lived? How did you make if feel like “ours” and not “his” anymore?

In wedding news, my shoes came! They are even more fabulous in person than on the website. I am so excited to wear them. Not much else to report on that front, unfortunately. We’re in the midst of a venue hunt. My parents are chipping in for about 2/3 of the cost of the wedding, which is awesome, but it also means that they are able to have a bit of say in how things go. Unfortunately my mom and I have diametrically different styles and tastes. And personalities. So, my poor sister/MOH is running interference. We’re checking out some more places next weekend, keep your fingers crossed. Once we have somewhere booked, I’ll give you a full run down of all of the drama!

Also, if you know of any great all-inclusive, non-hotel venues with outdoor ceremony space within an hour or so of DC, let me know! 🙂

i will be so happy when this move is over

the disaster that is my apartment…

moving pile

the cat is not amused…

moving room