update on brooklyn bride’s card swap!

So in the midst of moving and unpacking and finishing school, I did get all of my cards sent out before the deadline, and happily, was able to get cards from my swap-mates at my new address! (J was impressed with how many cards I was getting :-)) Without further ado, the handiwork of my oh-so-crafty (and in one case, yummy) card swap buddies:

First, from Vané, the Brooklyn Bride herself, this beauty:

PhotobucketCan you believe she actually sewed those little bitty trees on there? So awesome.

Then, from Cheryl, came this fantastic, non-traditional but oh-so-true Gocco’ed card:

PhotobucketShe designed it herself! Check out her blog to see the equally creative alternative designs she thought up.

One day I got a little package in the mail, it was from Kay at Howerton+Wooten Events! She sent along this great pound cake recipe – and a mini pound cake to go with! It was very tasty, by the way (I had it as a snack while wrapping presents!) I can’t wait to make it for J.


And last, but most certainly not least, this fabulous and adorable fabric adorned card from Brandi, aka Paisley:


Thanks ladies, for the fabulous cards and treats! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

’tis the season…

…for work holiday parties! I unfortunately had to miss mine, as it was last week when I was frantically packing up my apartment. Also, it was during the week and we weren’t able to invite a “plus one”, so I don’t know how much fun it could possibly have been anyway 😉

Last weekend though, J’s company had it’s holiday party – it was actually the first holiday party they’ve ever had in the U.S., since the bulk of their employees work out of their European hub. The party was at their office, which I couldn’t wait to see, since J had told me a lot about it. It’s not a traditional office at all, it’s an old house that has been repurposed. It’s even in a residential area. Since it’s a small company and the office here is even smaller, they operate it almost like a group house. (Whose turn is it to take out the trash, recycling comes on Wednesday, someone needs to change the bulb in the hallway light, etc.)

However, I was not expecting this:


Yes, that’s a real fire in the fireplace. This is their main conference room, obviously decked out for the party, but still! The architecture and the decoration was fantastic. The CEO’s fiancee found all of the furniture at antique or thrift stores or flea markets. I’ve got to start shopping with her! This is what was on the other side of the room:


You can actually go out on that little balcony. And they play Wii on the monstrous flat screen! I love the benefits and security that come with my big corporate job, but a small firm definitely has its own perks. Here’s a view of the room from the balcony:


The boss and his fiancee threw the whole thing themselves, and they are quite the hosts. They also have two adorable little dogs, who were extremely well behaved. And definitely in the holiday spirit!


taking a break from packing

to show off my craftiness! Or non-craftiness, as the case may be. Here are the cards I made for the holiday card swap at Brooklyn Bride. (If you’re in my group and don’t want to spoil the surprise, stop reading!) I actually had a lot of fun. And made a big mess, much to the delight of the cat.


I even handmade the envelopes!


crazy week

The Big Move is this Sunday, and on Saturday J and I are taking my folks to see our venue of choice. So, this week is a little crazy and will be light on posts. But, never fear! With any luck, if Saturday goes well, we will have a date set and a venue by next week, so I’ll have LOTS to start posting about! Get excited, and cross your fingers that all goes well.

Oooh and I got my cards made for Vane’s (of Brooklyn Bride) holiday card swap. I’m pretty pleased with how they came out (I am not super crafty, though I wish I was…) I’ll post pics after I send them out, so as not to ruin the surprise for my card swap buddies.