I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS!!!! Wheeeee! (J, darling, if for some reason you’re reading this, please stop. Now. No, really. Stop.)

I’m so excited, and terribly sad that I have to wait 4-6 months for it to come in. I want to wear it noooow. It’s Demetrios style #GR 131. I don’t recommend looking it up on their website though, because the photo on the model doesn’t look anything like the actual dress. I tried the sample on in white, but then went back to look at the ivory and ended up ordering the that. It’s a gorgeous, really soft ivory color – almost off-white.  Unfortunately the ivory sample was itty-bitty and my boobs didn’t fit into it. They’re hoping to get in a larger ivory sample size this week, so I may go back and try that on, just for giggles.

Here’s a pic of me in the white sample (don’t mind my poor PhotoShop attempt to erase my bra straps…)

…and here are a few of the ivory sample…





We’re planning to make a few alterations… first of all, that flower thing (which you can see on the white dress) on the hip is going to come off. I’ll probably replace it with a brooch of some sort. Also, I’m going to have the neckline made into a sweetheart, and add some kind of off-the-shoulder sleeve. I just love the rouching on the bodice, and the organdy overlay, and the way the edges of it are sort of flowy and wavy (I’m told that the technical sewing term for that is “lettucing”.)

Sigh. Happy Kate!


10 Responses

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous. I love all the layer that give it such a great flow. And it isn’t something you see on every other bride in magazine pictures either.

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  4. Happy Cyd that you are a Happy Kate! I absolutely love that dress…the organdy is stunning. I like the idea of switching out the flower for a brooch and making it a sweetheart neckline…I think little off the shoulder flutter sleeves would be the perfect addition!

  5. Congrats– its gorgeous!! You’ll LOVE the ivory one– I love mine!
    I totally agree with you on the whole flower/brooch thing!

  6. Love it. Excellent choice!

  7. That’s a beautiful dress.

    To answer your question on my blog – the 2nd dress is a Dessy dress. The Dessy website is

  8. LOVE IT. Although ITA about taking off the ginormous flower (to be fair, though, i’ve seen only the website pics — stupid gov’t firewall blocking photobucket!). The ruching and organdy overlay are to die. SO exciting — Congratulations!!

  9. I love it! The bodice is amazing.

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