big day bling

Once the venue was selected and my dress was purchased, I turned my thoughts towards wedding day accessories. I love so many different styles of jewelry and bridal fashion, so I found it a bit difficult at first to pin down exactly how I wanted to fancy up my look. I realized that although my dress is beautiful, the something extra is what will really set my bridal image apart. In thinking over the decisions we’d made and the ideas we have for flowers and decor, I realized that while we don’t technically have a “theme”, we do have a “feel” that we’re going for. The three best words to describe it are classic, vintage, and rustic. So, I decided that I wanted the main feature of my accessories to be ivory pearls.


Pearls are the ultimate classic bridal accessory, and ivory would complement my dress. But, I didn’t just want a regular strand of pearls. While classically beautiful, for me, too traditional. I wanted something that would really stand out. So I looked at multiple strand necklaces, pearls that were twisted together, different sizes of pearls. But they all seemed to be lacking something that made them pop.

So I did what I always do when I have a vague concept that I can’t quite visualize. I went to Etsy. I typed “bridal vintage pearl” into the search field and moments later… I had almost 40 pages of results! I noticed that I kept being drawn to the same couple of Etsy shops. I loved the variety and vintage style of the work at BelleNouvelleDesigns, especially her vintage combs, like this one:


The pearl cascade earrings by JMGJewelDesign also made my heart skip a beat:


But it was all over when I saw the multiple strand pearl necklaces adorned with vintage brooches by seller PenelliBelle. Before I show you the piece I picked, take a look at these beauties that she currently has for sale… (hurry over though, they won’t be there for long!)




Okay, I’ll give you a moment to stop drooling.

Now, I realize I may be partial, but I think the most gorgeous necklace is the one that I landed. I realized when I could not stop staring at it that I had to have it. And yes, it is even more stunning in person. I present, my bridal necklace (made with not one, but TWO vintage brooches!):


Your chin is on the floor, right? 🙂 I wanted to ensure that I had accessories to match it before I bought it, so I messaged the seller, Lindy, to see if she could make me some earrings to go. I wanted a pair that wouldn’t compete with the necklace, since it makes such a statement, but that also matched it. She was completely helpful and accommodating, and made me these fantastic rhinestone stud, drop-pearl earrings!


She was even able to add a few inches of pearls to the necklace for me, for a very minimal charge. Everything showed up quickly, more lovely than in the photos, and I have no doubt that this gorgeous bridal set will become a family heirloom. I warned Lindy that I may very well be back for a bracelet and/or hairpiece! I cannot wait until October when I get to wear it!

4 Responses

  1. I love that first etsy necklace, but I also like the one you choose. Thanks for pointing out another fabulous etsy seller!

  2. that necklace is FANtastic!

  3. The necklace you chose is stunning! My wedding is in September and we are going with a vintage 1940’s theme. All of the bridesmaids are wearing pearls but I have yet to find a set for myself. Who was the lady who designed your necklace?

  4. […] pair is the original set that I bought when I bought my necklace. They are beautiful and simple, and I got them because I wanted something that would let the […]

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