the list

You know which one I’m talking about, brides. The dreaded list. No, not the guest list (though I’ve had my share of nightmares about that, too). I’m talking about the TO DO LIST. The one that mysteriously multiplies over night, and adds two items for each one you cross off.

When I first started planning, everything I had to do was BIG. Set a date. Find a venue. Buy a dress. The generic version of The List on The Knot served me quite well for these tasks. And since I’m a “big picture” type of girl, it was easy for me to remember them. Need cake. Need flowers.

But now. Well, we’re in the weeds, kids. And I am NOT a details type of girl. Florist? Check. What types of greenery specifically should we put in the centerpieces? Ummm. (Answer: I don’t care, as long as it’s green.) My feeling is, as long as we have an officiant, a marriage license, a bride, a groom, and our families… everything else can just fall into place of its own accord.

So, I would like to share with you, my fellow detail-deficient and type A brides alike, my little secret for not losing my mind. J showed me this a few years ago when I was in grad school, at the end of a semester when I was up to my eyes in work, and it is a life saver. Or a sanity saver at least.


This website allows you to categorize and make lists of things you need to do, people to call, shopping lists, errands, you name it. And the best thing is, you can share lists with other users! So, I have a list of wedding things that I personally need to take care of, but I also have one that J needs to be involved with. So we can both update (and add to… sigh) that list. You can even sign up for an RSS feed to let you know when a list has been updated. You can make lists to share with your bridesmaids, or your parents, anyone involved in helping you with the wedding. And I don’t need to mention how many other situations this is brilliant for. Besides school and wedding, I’ve made shopping lists, moving lists, gift lists (it’s fantastic at the holidays).

What lists do you need to make?