weekend of productivity, II

After our completely successful bridemaids dress retrieval, we drove down the street to Paper Source, in Old Town, to find something to line the invitation envelopes with. My understanding from the DIY bride blogs I read is that this is a fairly simple DIY undertaking. Since I am crafting impaired, I figure it is something I can do that will be a nice touch. My mother thinks I’m crazy, but. She is the one who jumped up and down about putting the “u” in honor on the invitation. At least I know what country we’re in.

BM K is quite popular and had other appointments Saturday afternoon, so she took her leave of us, and BMs A and E joined me on our craft materials expedition. Now. You are putting three 20-something ladies each with various levels of design background in a high end paper and stationery store. I do not need to tell you that this was neither a brief nor inexpensive excursion. Hooooowever we did end up with some BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL paper with which to line the envelopes. It’s a green and gold metallic brocade pattern, not unlike this one from the Paper Source website. It may even be the exact same pattern, but in person it’s a little more muted. Also we bought big sheets of it. Heck if I’m shelling out for precut envelope liners. That’s what exacto knives are for!


image source

While we were there, I also took the opportunity to select some ribbon for the place cards that we’re making. The purpose of the ribbon will become clear to you at a later date (presuming you care) but for now, you may gaze upon the lovely colors I picked.

842612005628zchocolate ribbonmoss ribbon

images source

Also, because I am not completely insane, I snagged an envelope liner template kit.

Sure, I probably could have sized them myself but… you cannot put a price on sanity, my friends. More of the weekend of productivity, coming soon.

save the date dilemna… solved!

Many thanks to all of you who posted suggestions for my save the date dilemna earlier this month. I ended up taking Tameka’s suggestion and signing up for emails from VistaPrint.com. And not a week later did I receive an email from them boasting a January special of, among other goodies, 100 free postcards! I am not one to pass up something free.

So I busted out my rusty Photoshop skills from my college design classes, and threw together this not-entirely-fancy little number:


Then, I typed up some basic information on the back of the postcard, paid for shipping and uploading the photo (so, not ENTIRELY free) and my $20.00 save the dates should be here in 14 days! Not professional, perhaps, but pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I can’t wait to see them!

Then I went to the post office site to see what kind of postcard stamps they have, and to my dismay, the only ones they appear to be selling at the present moment are a conglomeration of summer fruits… which clearly is not acceptable for an October wedding. I briefly considered just purchasing more expensive stamps with a better image, but then figured, if I’m going to pay the extra money, I may as well just make my own durn stamps!

So, courtesy of Zazzle.com, I present to you, The Kitteh Postcard Stamp:

This way, all of our friends and relations can feel the love of the kitteh in their very own homes.

i’m a winner!

No, I’m not back in personal affirmation classes… I won a contest over at 2000 Dollar Wedding! The prize is The DIY Wedding. I’m so excited to get this book. I was just looking at it in the bookstore earlier today – so glad I didn’t pick it up. Especially because now we’re I’m planning to DIY the bridesmaids bouquets, probably the centerpieces, all of the paper (with help from my wonderful graphic designer BM)… and anything else I can get away with.

2000 Dollar Wedding is my favorite wedding blog for sensible, romantic wedding advice. Whenever I start to lose my head in the planning, Sara is sure to post something that reminds me of what’s really important. Head over to her blog for a full accounting of their gorgeous, meaningful, happy, and VERY budget-friendly wedding.  Not to mention you’ll also get the rest of her excellent advice on relationships, money, marriage, you name it!

And a big welcome to all the new blog friends who found me from Sara’s post! Hopefully you’ll stick around… lots of planning in the works, and things around here are bound to get interesting soon.

save the date dilemna

To save the date or not to save the date, that is the question. On the one hand, there are so many cute save the dates out there (I particularly love the photo magnets!), but on the other hand, I’m a bride on a budget! However, we are having a Friday evening wedding, which will require some planning on the part of our guests, so I feel it’s only fair to give them ample warning. Therefore, I’ve come up with three options to split the difference, as it were:

1. Do an Email Save the Date. Pros: Cheap (only cost is time!), fast, can include links and photos, no size limit. Cons: Not everyone has/checks an email address regularly. Could get lost or deleted easily.

2. DIY Save the Date Magnets. Pros: I get my photo magnet save the dates! Trusty BM Erin is a graphic designer. Can include other information on additional cards in the envelope.  Cons: I am severly DIY-impaired (the mere idea of trying to print on sticker paper makes me shudder), it’ll be time intensive, high postage cost.

3. Postcards. Pros: Tangible, low postage cost, trusty BM Erin can design them. Cons: Putting all our info out for everyone to see, limited space for additional information.

At the moment I am leaning towards the postcard option. We can just put our website on the back for people to get more information. Of course, we could also do some combination of these, i.e. email the “young, hip” crowd and get real Save the Dates made for the older family members and parent’s friends, etc.

What do you think?

update on brooklyn bride’s card swap!

So in the midst of moving and unpacking and finishing school, I did get all of my cards sent out before the deadline, and happily, was able to get cards from my swap-mates at my new address! (J was impressed with how many cards I was getting :-)) Without further ado, the handiwork of my oh-so-crafty (and in one case, yummy) card swap buddies:

First, from Vané, the Brooklyn Bride herself, this beauty:

PhotobucketCan you believe she actually sewed those little bitty trees on there? So awesome.

Then, from Cheryl, came this fantastic, non-traditional but oh-so-true Gocco’ed card:

PhotobucketShe designed it herself! Check out her blog to see the equally creative alternative designs she thought up.

One day I got a little package in the mail, it was from Kay at Howerton+Wooten Events! She sent along this great pound cake recipe – and a mini pound cake to go with! It was very tasty, by the way (I had it as a snack while wrapping presents!) I can’t wait to make it for J.


And last, but most certainly not least, this fabulous and adorable fabric adorned card from Brandi, aka Paisley:


Thanks ladies, for the fabulous cards and treats! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

taking a break from packing

to show off my craftiness! Or non-craftiness, as the case may be. Here are the cards I made for the holiday card swap at Brooklyn Bride. (If you’re in my group and don’t want to spoil the surprise, stop reading!) I actually had a lot of fun. And made a big mess, much to the delight of the cat.


I even handmade the envelopes!