i’m a winner!

No, I’m not back in personal affirmation classes… I won a contest over at 2000 Dollar Wedding! The prize is The DIY Wedding. I’m so excited to get this book. I was just looking at it in the bookstore earlier today – so glad I didn’t pick it up. Especially because now we’re I’m planning to DIY the bridesmaids bouquets, probably the centerpieces, all of the paper (with help from my wonderful graphic designer BM)… and anything else I can get away with.

2000 Dollar Wedding is my favorite wedding blog for sensible, romantic wedding advice. Whenever I start to lose my head in the planning, Sara is sure to post something that reminds me of what’s really important. Head over to her blog for a full accounting of their gorgeous, meaningful, happy, and VERY budget-friendly wedding.  Not to mention you’ll also get the rest of her excellent advice on relationships, money, marriage, you name it!

And a big welcome to all the new blog friends who found me from Sara’s post! Hopefully you’ll stick around… lots of planning in the works, and things around here are bound to get interesting soon.

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