update on brooklyn bride’s card swap!

So in the midst of moving and unpacking and finishing school, I did get all of my cards sent out before the deadline, and happily, was able to get cards from my swap-mates at my new address! (J was impressed with how many cards I was getting :-)) Without further ado, the handiwork of my oh-so-crafty (and in one case, yummy) card swap buddies:

First, from Vané, the Brooklyn Bride herself, this beauty:

PhotobucketCan you believe she actually sewed those little bitty trees on there? So awesome.

Then, from Cheryl, came this fantastic, non-traditional but oh-so-true Gocco’ed card:

PhotobucketShe designed it herself! Check out her blog to see the equally creative alternative designs she thought up.

One day I got a little package in the mail, it was from Kay at Howerton+Wooten Events! She sent along this great pound cake recipe – and a mini pound cake to go with! It was very tasty, by the way (I had it as a snack while wrapping presents!) I can’t wait to make it for J.


And last, but most certainly not least, this fabulous and adorable fabric adorned card from Brandi, aka Paisley:


Thanks ladies, for the fabulous cards and treats! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful card! This card swap was so much fun. Enjoy the holidays and a happy and healthy 2009!

    Love & Soul Always, Kay

  2. I got your card too! It’s so cute and I love the matching envelope!

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