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On Tuesday, November 4th, Californians voted to pass Proposition 8, amending their state constitution to include a ban on gay marriage. That’s right, they wrote discrimination into their constitution. This goes against everything that America stands for, against the very principles that allowed Barack Obama to win the presidential election on that same day. That ALL men are created equal, and that discrimination is not an American value.

Tomorrow, Saturday November 15, at 1:30 p.m. eastern time, protesters around the globe will make their anger over this injustice heard. To find a protest near you, visit Join the Impact .

Freedom and justice for all – support love, fight hate!

I’m sorry, you find this threatening… how, again?


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  1. The people of California didn’t exactly write “discrimination” into their Constitution, it may seem unfair to the gay community but all societies have a right and an obligation to set standards of morality for the good of their societies. This is what California did with their Amendment, they set a standard of morality that the majority of voters in the state see as beneficial to their way of life. While I believe California’s anti-gun laws are morally wrong, it is the people of California that have to, as a group, decide what gun laws they do or do not want; likewise, it is up to the people of California to decide what they feel are moral issues regarding gay marraige, regardless of what the gay community may believe.

  2. Saying that gays are immoral is passing judgement on them and treating them differently, i.e. DISCRIMINATING, based on that judgement. There is no rational argument for banning gay marriage. It’s based on morals passed down by religion, and our national Constitution makes it quite clear that religion is to have no place in deciding how the government is to treat people. The government is NOT allowed to treat people differently based on a religious standard, and that’s what this is.

    Additionally, if you believe California’s gun laws are morally wrong, you have every right, I would even argue a responsibility to speak out against them and try to effect change. If you think something is immoral, why be mum?

  3. Actually, the Constitution makes no distinction about religion having a place in deciding how the government is to treat people. The Frist Amendment guarentees “freedom of religion” not “freedom from”. The purpose of that was due to the persecution the Puritans suffered in England for not belonging to the Church of England, the official church according to the Crown. The First Amendment guarentees among other things, that each of us have a right to follow whatever religious beliefs we see fitthey idea of a “seperation of church and state” is a misreading of the Constitution.
    As far as the Government “treating” people differently, your interpretation of the “government” is somewhat misconstrued as well. Remember, “Government of the people, by the people.” It is the people that control the government, not the other way around. The Amendment passed by the majority of the people of the state of California is a mandate to the government of how they will govern, in other words, the people told the government what to do. The government has no choice in the matter.
    “If you think something is immoral, why be mum?” I’m never mum, I debate every issue presented, the gun control issue was brought up only to prove a point about morallity. There are many of us that feel homosexuality is immoral, not only based on religion, but also for the atheists, on a strictly biological basis if one considers the biological purpose of sex being only for procreation.

  4. The U.S. government crossed a VERY serious line with PROP 8.

    This “proposition” threatened children’s sense of safety and belongingness in California. Children’s safety.

    Regardless of THIS particular fight, there are way too many fights on way too many fronts for us to conquer piecemeal. The Time is Now – DRAW A NEW LINE in the sand and demand from President Obama and our representatives FULL EQUALITY.

    Equality Is Simple When You Simply Include Everybody.

    What? Not detailed enough for the lawyers?

    OK, we can list repealing DOMA, repealing DADT, include transgender in the ENDA Bill, allow adoption of abandoned children, equality in immigration issues, recognize our hate crimes as such, equal family/children rights……….whew! See what I mean?

    We are EQUAL SOULS in HUMAN BODIES. Could we please STOP discriminating due to the genitalia attached? Plumbing will determine each civil right?! Any separation from the pack is ultimately due to gender (and/or gender roles & stereotyping), and that is SEXISM. I cannot marry Bob because I am the “wrong” gender; if I were a woman I could marry Bob. SEXISM.

    And I cannot stress ENOUGH how my own suffering from Marriage Inequality is NOT the reason for wanting or needing equality. I am not something to focus on. But my story, and the stories of countless other Americans desperately need to be addressed in this civil rights struggle. Marriage laws were put in place many years ago in order to PROTECT individuals and their FAMILIES; if they were NOT necessary they would not exist (for heterosexuals). When these laws are NOT in place for ALL OF US, horrible, horrible suffering occurs. My WEBSITE has many examples.

    So Americans want to continue denying us what they have already deemed as essential. And many people want us to WAIT…2….5……10…….20……..30 YEARS, depending on the “civil right”, for what WAS and IS our birthright.

    I personally have a HUGE problem with that. I cannot wait. I will not wait.

    Will you join me on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009, and help me inform the government that WE are eager to be included in the federal tax base as soon as THEY include us in society’s laws? My 5-year-old students could understand this concept: EQUAL = EQUAL

    As Americans can’t we agree that there are MANY other important issues to address (like the Economy, Education, Health Care, Poverty & Homelessness, Iraq/Afghanistan…all of these are related), and solving THOSE problems is more urgent than having “Equality Issues” TIE UP THE COURTS for another 30+ years? We will NOT go away.

    You keep procreating; we keep popping out. Sorry.

    Our representatives have spent years inventing 4-letter words (DOMA, DADT) to restrict us, deny us, demoralize us, and harm our beloved families and children. Enough is enough.


    The National Equality Tax Protest
    – Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 –

  5. johnbisceglia,
    once again, the US Government had nothing to do with it, the people of the state of California did. It was a proposition on the ballet by law, the people voted their conscience, the proposition was approved, you lost, end of story. Democracy worked, it just didn’t work the way you agree with. You cannot force 95% of the population to sacrifice their conscience to appease only 5% of the population.

  6. “but also for the atheists, on a strictly biological basis if one considers the biological purpose of sex being only for procreation.”

    So, here’s my problem with that argument. If that’s your issue, then by following reasoning, postmenopausal women should not be allowed to marry, nor should anyone who is infertile (had a hysterectomy, testicular cancer, etc. etc.) Yet, no one advocates to disallow those marriages, so as an argument against gay marriage, it’s useless.

  7. Amen sister.
    It’s crazy that even though my wife and are now married, though not legally, and have been together 7 years, Britnay Spears can have more rights with a 12 hour marriage. Ugh.
    I’m glad I found your blog 😀

  8. […] I have never felt more angry than after Prop 8 passing. Thinking about it gets me all fired up and just plain pissed. Which is why I was happy to read […]

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